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Software Development Company in Ukraine: Tips to Choose the Right Team

Ukraine is famous for its IT industry providing an excellent quality-for-the-price ratio.

Just to name few benefits of Ukrainian IT companies and freelancers: strong educational background, set of mind geared to address the problem, good knowledge of English by managers and engineers, advantageous geographical location, and much more.

However, even Ukrainian software development companies vary from each other in crucial characteristics: technological focus, hourly rate, minimal project budget, and so on. This depends on the destination points: teams from small towns are cheaper. But it also rests on non-geographical aspects like industry expertise, preferred technologies or current workload.

Here is a short chitchat to help you find the right team who will do the best to deliver your software solution when expected, what expected.


  1. Company’s office and/or representatives within the USA, EU, Canada or Australia. It means you have a person in a nearest geographical location with who you can settle quickly any issues. Also, you can be sure the company does not disappear at once with your money.


  1. Location of the development center. Small towns provide lower hourly rates. This can be no problem when outsourcing small, simple projects based on mainstream technologies. But the teams can equally lack needed experience for large projects requiring sophisticated technologies. In this case, it is advisable to look first for a team located in a big city like Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv or Odesa.


  1. Industry expertise and previous experience. When the team has already completed successfully a similar project for your industry, they probably will cope with yours. Certainly, proofs matter. The team should provide evidence of their works from their portfolio or references from former / current clients. A reference published on Clutch describing client’s impression will be a benefit.


  1. Managerial experience. Apart from industry expertise – when the team is already acquainted with customer’s business domain – managerial expertise is crucial. Apart from you must be comfortable with managerial style, managers should provide you essential information about your project (time spent, time estimates) as well as a plan. Be sure managers understand your aims and are ready to discuss any problems as soon as they arise (not as soon as they become too huge).


  1. Employees’ feedback. It is obvious that happy employees work more productively but here is more. Getting onboard a new team member instead of those who quit is a costly endeavor: it requires much time until the newcomer gets fully acquainted with the project. When teams are unhappy there is a high turnover, there is a huge risk deadlines will be stretched all the time. Look at ratings on Glassdoor and


To sum up, the right team depends on the project size and complexity but as the rule, this is not the cheapest offer on the market due to the location or its members and higher wages, based on their experience.

Certainly, you can find a less experienced team to save on software development and/or support but here you should make sure your future team understands your project and your aim and has both skillset and mindset to accomplish it successfully.

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