Virtual Reality Can Reconstruct the Drowned Civilizations

Virtual Reality Can Reconstruct the Drowned Civilizations

The sunken ancient cities, monuments, and the whole civilizations can be brought back with the help of the new technology of Augmented Reality.

The Forbes defined AR as one of the biggest trends in technology in 2018 and this is one of the reasons why. This new system allows learning the precise position underwater which wasn’t possible earlier since GPS signals did not work under the surface. Now the tablet (in the waterproof case, of course) can be carried down there. The acoustic signals from the underwater beacons allow the app to define the precise location on the map to guide the divers through the most beautiful historical places hidden by the water. This app also shows where the diver is, what he sees and what it represents.

It is the first time the augmented reality was used underwater. The European research project iMARECULTURE developed the app that recreated the 3D model of the drowned place to give the virtual tour around the ruins.

Virtual Reality Can Reconstruct the Drowned Civilizations

Since many people don’t or can’t dive, the project is eager to bring it closer to the public by creating extra virtual tools. They present the discovered world on the dry land. The headset will take the user to the virtual world of the lost civilization and give the private tour to the past without getting his hair wet.

Professor of computer graphics says it’s going to be a priceless experience to explore the objects which do not exist anymore and learn more about the characters from the history.

The project has two main goals. One is to educate the people from all over the world. The popularization of the historical heritage will be much easier and appealing with the help of the modern technologies like AR. The second goal is creating a tool for the archaeologists so that professionals could learn and discover more about the world history.

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