Technology Trends Which Dominate 2018

Technology Trends Which Dominate 2018

The trend number one (and it’s going to be this way for a couple more years for sure) is artificial intelligence. AI is conquering the wide range of applications and making its way to be vital in people’s lives. Scientists are keen on creating the superintelligence while the AI starts to appear in all possible apps and devices.

Another trend that is changing lives dramatically is the digital centralization. Tons of “smart” appliances like Smart TV, tablets, smartphones, virtual assistants, etc. debut every year. People rely on the technology so much they will be simply lost without it. The consumers are focused on centralization which is going to allow controlling everything from a couple of devices. Smart speakers already allow you to control a lot of things in your house starting from your robot vacuum cleaner to the temperature in the room.

Technology Trends Which Dominate 2018

5G is also not a fantasy but a reality on its way. 5G Internet will probably be 10 times faster than 4G allowing many technologies to improve still faster. The new generation of the Internet requires a lot of preparation but will deliver more than just a better speed for streaming content.

The importance of data is growing every day. The digital devices are gathering so much data, it’s practically unlimited. This allows many apps to deliver more personalized and some positive results, too. For instance, better predictions in the sphere of healthcare with the help of the data from smartwatches.

Another trend worth mentioning is definitely the work automation. The technologies allow computers and robots to take over the jobs of many people. It leads to many people losing their jobs or, if possible, having to adjust their careers to the modernization.

We already talk to apps and the voice recognition has improved so much that the conversation does not give people hard time. The seamless conversation almost never delivers mistakes or glitches making the bots very sophisticated.

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