GoPro Hero 7 is Approaching the Perfection

GoPro Hero 7 is Approaching the Perfection

Modern tech improvements are calculated in millimeters and not in milestones anymore. Most smartphones and cameras get one tiny improvement as is already presented as a totally new gadget. However, the things turned out to be different in case with the Hero 7 model.

The new Go-Pro camera can boast of having a remarkable stabilization system. The results are so impressing people easily pay the $400 for this little but powerful device. In your videos, there will be no annoying camera shakes caused by the slight movements.

The company calls it HyperSmooth. In addition, there is TimeWarp feature which you can find in the time-lapse settings. Speed up the mundane videos and add drama to your creations. For example, the sky at night or the flower blooming shot with this feature will deliver stunning results. Moreover, this is very convenient for making movies out of the road trips.

GoPro Hero 7 is Approaching the Perfection

Another feature people are obsessing about is SuperPhoto. In general, it’s an HDR picture when the camera makes a number of photos and combines the best elements to make the photo more dynamic. The results might be less professional than a mirrorless camera’s but it’s much better than any smartphone’s photo for sure.

The specs are relatively average comparing to the rest of the GoPro models. Hero 7 can make 4K videos with 60 frames/second, or FullHD (1080p) with 240 frames/second. Life-stream your adventures and the save the quality version of the videos to a memory card.

These features make the GoPro Hero 7 the best camera for adventures and photographers. Enthusiasts will not probably use it to its full capability and only notice the bigger amount of the space needed to store the files. In this case, the cheaper version of Hero will be good enough, too. However, if you can’t stop making videos, the new model is worth consideration. The smooth videos and cool extra features are sure to make this GoPro desired by millions of people.

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